Image processing library in C++
Here is a list of all modules:
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 Algorithms + Data-structures = Programs
 TypeFType for scalar/vector elements in matrix or vector coordinate
 {U,}{I,F}{8,16,32,64} as UI8Basic Type with fixed bit information
 RGB{UI8,F32}Template class for red green blue color
 Complex{F32}Template class for complex numbers in cartesian form
 Coordinate vectorCoordinate vector as tuple of numbers
 Vec{2,3}{I32,F32}Template class for tuple of numbers of fixed size for representing a point or a vector
 Vec{I32,F32}Template class for tuple of numbers of variable size
 MatrixN-dimensional matrices as dense array
 Mat{2,3}{UI8,RGBUI8}Template class for n-dimensional matrices which fixed type
 Function (mathematics)Function (mathematics) defined with a symbolic link
 DistributionMapping from the real number to the real number
 DistributionMultiVariateMapping from the multi variate real numbers to the real numbers
 OtherGeneral utility classes
 Scene3d3d scene in opengl
 VideoVideo player frame by frame (ip-camera, avi)
 NeuralNetworkLayer neural network with backpropagation training
 BasicUtilitySome cross OS utilities
 ProcessingMatrix In -> Matrix Out (threshold operators, morphological operators, gradient, edge detectors, region growing,...)
 VisualizationMatrix In -> Matrix Out for 2D or OpenGl scene for 3D
 AnalysisMatrix In -> Measure (2-point correlation function, REV, histogram,...)
 DrawMatrix In -> Matrix Out (drawing objects as line circle)
 PDEMatrix In -> Matrix Out (anisotropic non-linear diffusion equation, permeability, random walk)
 GeometricalTransformationMatrix In -> Matrix Out (rotation, scale, projective, affine)
 LinearAlgebraMatrix In -> Matrix Out (gaussian inversion, eigen value/vector, orthogonalization...)
 FeatureMatrix In -> Features (harris, Hough, SIFT,...)
 RepresentationMatrix In -> Matrix Out (FFT)
 ConvertorMatrix In -> Matrix Out (toRGB, fromRGB, toYUV, fromRealImaginary)
 StatisticsDistribution In -> Distribution Out (derivate, integral, computedStaticticsFromRealRealizations,...)
 RandomGeometryGerm/Grain framework
 ApplicationMatrix In -> information