Generated with doxygen, the user documentation of the ready-to-use Population library is here. Concerning more theoretical aspects, a book is freely available here under a creative Commons license.

Source code in C++:
The source code is available here. The library is easy to install and ready-to-use. For instance, this code

#include "Population.h"
using namespace pop;//Population namespace
int main()
    Mat2UI8 img;//2d grey-level image object
    img.load("../iex.png");//replace this path by those on your computer
    img = PDE::nonLinearAnisotropicDiffusion(img);//filtering
    double value;
    Mat2UI8 threshold = Processing::thresholdOtsuMethod(img,value);//threshold segmentation"iexthreshold.pgm");
    Mat2RGBUI8 color = Visualization::labelForeground(threshold,img);//Visual validation

produces this image:

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