The project aims to federate a large community of programmers coming from industry and university in order to structure a sustainable science in image processing. The code is open-source for reproducibility and sharing with a permissive license to allow some potential industrial application.
Todays, the community is limited to a few people ( we thank Vincent Tariel and Pierre-Louis Aublin our main contributors) but we expect a quick growth. If you want to join us in any ways, please be free to contact us at the discussion page.
The project leader is an employee of alphanumeric vision and you can contact to work directly with him for any needs:

  • consulting/support: to advice and assistance on how best to use population technology and other image libraries to meet your business objective,
  • application: to create an image process with a graphical user interface in QT for your medical, biological material imaging problem as counting the number of cell in a Petri dish
  • features: to implement some new functionalities for your imaging problem as load/save an image in a specific format,
  • optimizations: to implement a multi-threading version of an algorithm.