Population release 5.0

After one year of work, a new version is available. More information soon.

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Android and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

Vincent Tariel has developed an optical character recognition with Population library for the society alphanumeric-vision. For the ANPR market in mobile devices, during her internship, Sonia Adamah has integrated this code with the android-NDK and swig (to bind the C++ code). You can test the lite application .


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I am quite happy ! Some external people begin to use Population and they have nice results with modules Processing and Analysis. See the publications:

J.-F. Bruchon, J.-M. Pereira, M. Vandamme, N. Lenoir, P. Delage, M. Bornert, Full 3D investigation and characterisation of capillary collapse of a loose unsaturated sand using X-ray CT. Granular Matter, 2013
J.-F Bruchon., Pereira J.-M., M., Vandamme, N. Lenoir, P. Delage and M. Bornert X-ray microtomography characterisation of the changes in statistical homogeneity of an unsaturated sand during imbibition Géotechnique letter, 2013

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The pipeline of the germ grain model is the construction of: a germ, a collection of points, a grain, a collection of geometrical figures dressing the points, a colour, a collection of colours dressing the geometrical figures, a model, a structure defining by an interaction principle between the coloured grains.

In the following realization of random germ grain models, the pipelines are the same except the model.

Initial Image:

Dead leave model:

Transparant model:

Spot noise model:

I am almost finished to write the article related to.

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Panorama with SIFT algorithm

Now, I work for a vision company. I should use OpenCV because this fantastic open-source library is dedicated to this field. But I am quite productive with Population, so I test it! Oke, it is not optimized as OpenCV (no platform primitive optimization). However, I get some very nice results. For I project, I have to create a panorama as in this article and from these images


I get this result:

#include"Population.h"//Single header
using namespace pop;//Population namespace
int main(){
        std::string path= "D:/Users/vtariel/Downloads/";
        Mat2RGBUI8 img3;
        Mat2RGBUI8 img4;
        Mat2RGBUI8 img5;

        Mat2RGBUI8 img6;
        Vec<Mat2RGBUI8> vv;


        Mat2RGBUI8 panoimg =Feature::panoramic(vv);
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Python binding

Population has a built in python interface that utilizes SWIG for the language connection. In this interpreted language, a practitioner can learn rapidly in test-error method because time compilation. The notation are almost the same between C++ and Python. So it is easy to switch. If something does not work or if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

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